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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the special features of Lion paint products?

Answer: Lion paint products offer special features such as High Gloss, Stain Resistance, Superior Adhesion, Smooth Finish, and High Coverage Paint for a flawless result.

How is Lion Super Gloss Synthetic Enamel different from other paints?

Answer: Lion Super Gloss Synthetic Enamel provides a durable, high-gloss finish for both interior and exterior surfaces, ensuring excellent coverage and long-lasting protection.

Can Lion Primer be used for both interior and exterior surfaces?

Answer: Yes, Lion Primer is designed for both interior and exterior applications. It provides superior adhesion, seals porous surfaces, and enhances paint durability.

What are the benefits of using Lion Furniture Enamel for painting furniture?

Answer: Lion Furniture Enamel offers a durable finish, smooth application, and excellent adhesion for both indoor and outdoor furniture, ensuring long-lasting protection and a professional finish.

How does Lion ensure the quality of its products?

Answer: Lion is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization committed to maintaining high-quality standards. Our products undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure customer satisfaction.

Does Lion provide support for product application?

Answer: Yes, Lion offers comprehensive application support to assist customers in achieving optimal results. Our team of experts provides guidance and assistance throughout the application process.

Can I get personalized product recommendations from Lion?

Answer: Yes, Lion offers site evaluation services to assess your specific needs and provide tailored product recommendations for optimal results. Simply contact us to schedule a consultation.

What sizes are available for Lion High Gloss Enamel paint?

Answer: Lion High Gloss Enamel paint is available in various sizes, including cans (20 ltr, 4 ltr, 1 ltr, 500ml) and tubes (200ml, 100ml, 50ml), catering to different project requirements.

What surfaces can Lion High Gloss Enamel be applied to?

Answer: Lion High Gloss Enamel can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including mild steel, wood, and suitably prepared masonry surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

How long does the gloss last on surfaces painted with Lion High Gloss Enamel?

Answer: Lion High Gloss Enamel offers a mirror-like gloss and an ever-lasting finish, ensuring that surfaces maintain their shine for years to come.

What are the benefits of becoming a Lion Paint dealership?

Answer: Becoming a Lion Paint dealership offers numerous benefits, including access to a wide range of high-quality products, marketing support, competitive pricing, and the opportunity for significant returns on investment.

What products are available for dealership with Lion Paint?

Answer: Lion Paint offers a diverse range of products suitable for dealership, including primers, enamels, acrylic distemper, varnish, and more. You can choose from our extensive product list based on your target market and business preferences.

How much investment is required to start a Lion Paint dealership?

Answer: Lion Paint offers a lucrative business opportunity with minimum investment and maximum returns. The initial investment required for starting a dealership varies depending on factors such as location, inventory size, and marketing expenses.

How can I apply for dealership with Lion Paint?

Answer: To apply for dealership with Lion Paint, you can fill out the dealership application form available on our website or contact our sales team directly. Our representatives will guide you through the process and provide necessary assistance.