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Swan Paint Manufacturing Company

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High Gloss

Excellent Stain Resistance

Excellent Adhesion

Smooth Finish

High Coverage

Available Sizes:

Cans: 20 ltr, 4 ltr, 1 ltr, 500ml” and “Tubes: 200ml, 100ml, 50ml.

Gives a tough film with mirror like gloss and an ever-lasting finish.Lion High Gloss Enamel offers a mirror like gloss which can be used both for exterior and interior surfaces mainly on mild steel, wooden and suitably prepared masonry surfaces. Formulated with alkyd and select colourants, it gives a long lasting glossy finish to every surface it touches.

Dealership Eligibility Criteria

Requirements :-

  1. GST Registration
  2. Business registration (If sole proprietorship/LLP/LDT)
  3. A government identity proof card
  4. Pan Card

For more detailed  Lion paint dealerhip/distributor eligibility criteria fill out the form given below or You may call us directly given the ph no on website.